Hi, I'm Tarmo Äijö ['t̪ɑrmo̞ 'æijø]

This webpage is meant to be a summary of my research career.


Research interests

Bayesian methods hierarchical modeling bioinformatics computational biology immune system epigenetics DNA methylation chromatin structure chromatin remodeling gene transcription transcriptional regulation central nervous system neurodegenerative diseases data visualization machine learning


Peer-reviewed journal articles
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Book chapters
  1. Äijö T, Bonneau R, Lähdesmäki H. (2018) Generative Models for Quantification of DNA Modifications. Methods Mol Biol 1807: 37-50
  2. Monticelli S, Äijö T, Trifari S. (2017) Approaches to Detect microRNA Expression in T Cell Subsets and T Cell Differentiation. Methods Mol Biol 1514: 153-172
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